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How we do it?

With several years of consulting experience in talent acquisition, we are the right partner to find you the people you need to reach the heights that you want.

Sourcing beyond job portals
We use our industry expertise to extend our sourcing reach and intelligence beyond the capabilities of traditional approaches.We go far beyond using traditional job portals as a sourcing tool.We use a combination of unique strategies that are driven by the application of analytical tools and technologies.
Proactive Talent Engagement
We regularly monitor developments in the business world with a view to capturing ground in the fast-moving recruitment space. We proactively create an ‘active talent pool’ in line with market demand which is then leveraged to enjoy a first-mover advantage. We identify and engage potential candidates through predictive insight into their career conditions, as well as their career ambitions.
Extensive Professional Network
We have inroads into to a vast number of leading organizations across IT and non-IT industries. This helps us connect with the who’s who of the business world and use our professional network to provide in-time solutions to our clients.
Industry-leading Social Sourcing Strategy
The recruiting process has changed significantly thanks to advances in modern technology. It has been observed that millennials are the largest share of the workforce in most parts of the world. According to Job cast, 42% companies have reported an exponential increase in quality after adopting social sourcing strategies. By leveraging social media, social platforms, and social networks for sourcing, we make sure that our clients get the optimal value from social channels before any of their competitors can.
Data-driven approach - Employee Competitive Value
We use advance algorithms to predict the individual competitive value of prospective resources. This data-driven approach enables us to draw deep insights into the value an employee would bring to an organization. Our proprietary algorithm factors in alma mater, experience, past performance, background verification, NLP, and social profile among other metrics.

Our Services

With several years of consulting experience in talent acquisition, we are the right partner to find you the people you need to reach the heights that you want.

Hire industry-proven talent aligned to your people strategy

Find leaders who can keep you at the top

Hire adaptable and ambitious resources to keep pace in the technology world

Focus all your energy on your core business while we find the right people to take your organization to new heights.

About Company

PACE™ (Professional Academy for Corporate Excellence)is a Human Resources consulting company and we offer Talent Acquisition, L&D, HR Analytics, and Core HR services to our clients who are spread across IT and non-IT industries. Our clients include some of the most recognizable names in the business world. PACE Recruit is our Talent Acquisition division. At PACE Recruit we specialize in Permanent Staffing, Technology Staffing, and Executive Search services, in addition to providing Outplacement and RPO solutions.

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